My daughter is so sweet. Like a lot of families, we’re cutting back this Christmas, and we have been very upfront with the kids about this. They may not really understand what all the money talk is, but they need to understand that some things need to be simplified.

But kids do so hate to hear that around Christmas time.

My daughter’s response to my husband telling her that this would be a simpler Christmas due to lack of money was “Don’t worry. Santa will take care of the rest.”

Too bad that doesn’t work.

I did tell my husband that there are some things “Santa” can do. There are some clothes the kids will need anyhow, and he can take credit for those. I want credit for the fun gifts to go where it belongs!

The simplification of Christmas in my family has gone pretty broad in its effects. It was agreed this year that even between families hand me down or thrift store finds were fair game. This is really helpful when there are so many cousins that can hand things down to one another.

Let’s face it, though. If things are tight for your family, spending a ton of money on Christmas just is not a smart move. It’s far smarter to take things easy financially and enjoy the meaning of the holiday and the time with your family.

Even Santa would agree, don’t you think?