Finally taking the time to really improve my work at home jobs section. I’m actually adding to the lists and going to each company’s site so that I can add in descriptions of what’s available. Yes, I know that jobs available can change, but many of these companies have basic jobs they most often hire for or at least acknowledge on their sites.

So far I’ve updated the accounting work at home jobs, the customer service jobs (broke that into 3 pages because there were so many) and added blogging, technical support and virtual assistant categories.

I still have a lot of work to do on the unupdated categories, and a lot of plans for interesting ways to sort some of the jobs out. This is an update I’ve been meaning to do for ages and finally decided to just go for it.

Once that is all done I want to research some solid resources on getting into some of these jobs. I’d love to find resources that can talk at least as much about the individual jobs as I do about medical transcription here on this site. That’s information many people could use while looking to work at home, I think.

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