What a miserable economy for my husband to be unemployed in! At least they finally conceded that it’s likely a recession. As my neighbor said, most of us could have long since told them that. But then, San Diego unemployment is worse than the national average right now, so we’re feeling it worse than many, I guess.

I finally talked my husband into talking to some temp agencies. I’ve been telling him to do that for a while, and I think he finally has the idea. Temp jobs can be essentially long job interviews, after all, and certainly a way to build some skills and experience outside the retail sector for him.

Now that the family is healthy again, I’m playing catch-up with all the things I had wanted to get done to build things up business-wise. It’s rough, especially since it is a distraction having my husband at home. I really do not work as well when there’s someone able to read what I write as I write it.

And of course the kids still need Mommy to do things for them much more than Daddy. Just habits. I can deal with that, even when it gets frustrating.

I do have a lot of plans for the ‘what ifs’, such as if we do have to move in with my inlaws. I’m figuring on homeschooling for the rest of my daughter’s kindergarten year; she’d end up being the new kid the rest of the year if she transferred, not to mention the possibility of moving again for a new job. Besides, you don’t have to register here to homeschool kindergarten; school registration is not required until first grade.

But I also want to have her birthday party at the park by her current school. Make it easier to invite her current friends, who she will no doubt be missing by then.

I really, really hope none of these plans will necessary. I’d rather my husband get a job and we stay put. But why wait to the last minute to decide?