When the kids are out of school you need more ideas to keep them busy. On of my daughter’s favorites is crafts.

We don’t always look in Little Kids Crafts for ideas. Some days she just wants to make something out of her own imagination. She’s pretty creative.

However, I must say a good, age appropriate craft book is a big help other times. Little Kid Crafts is great for toddlers. I have to help her sometimes with cutting parts out, but she can handle pretty much everything else on her own. There’s no hot glue or anything like that involved.

It’s easier to find craft books for older kids. Just take a look at the range of them on Amazon. There’s pretty much a craft book for every taste.

We also like to do macaroni necklaces. I color the macaroni by putting them in a bowl, pouring some paint over them, then stirring. I’m sure there’s a better way to do this, as inevitably some of the macaroni will crack due to how the paint dries. However, most of it turns out just fine. I do a few bowls so that I can do different colors.

She’s also getting the hang of using plastic beads, but since she has to use so many to make a necklace to her taste, this is sometimes an exercise in frustration.

Painting is another great activity. Washable paints are readily available, so you have less worry about the inevitable mess. We even have washable paints with glitter.

You can make animals by cutting them out of felt, and either gluing or drawing eyes on them. Use a large piece of felt on the wall or an easel and you have another fun place for the kids to play.

I also keep a supply of the cheap paper plates and paper lunch bags on hand. The bags are great for making puppets. The plates can be used to make masks, animals, be cut into spirals and so forth.

Keeping an active child busy during the summer isn’t always easy, but if you plan ahead and have the supplies on hand, you can limit how often they’re truly bored.

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