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The Big List Of Remote Jobs With Benefits

The Big List Of Remote Jobs With Benefits

One of the big concerns many people have about working at home is whether or not they get employee benefits. So many work at home options don’t offer them. That’s because companies often hire work at home people as independent contractors or freelancers, rather than as employees. Fortunately, there are also a lot of companies that have remote jobs with benefits.

Not every position with a company on this list will have employee benefits. Part time positions may or may not have any, depending on the company. Your best bet for a remote job with benefits is a full time position. Your search for benefits will be much more difficult if you want to work part time. That’s true with outside the home jobs too.

Companies that allow regular employees to work at home will often include benefits such as health insurance, vacation, sick days, 401(k) and so forth. These companies have come to recognize the advantages of having employees who work at home. Some companies are entirely or almost entirely virtual, so the work at home employees aren’t the odd ones out in the company.

While I have done my best to be accurate with this list, you will need to review individual job postings and check with the company to see if the work at home job you are considering actually includes benefits.


Temporary employment agencies and recruiting agencies will have much more than just work at home jobs available. Check with the agencies in your area to see who has remote positions available and whether they offer remote jobs with benefits to the employees they supply to other companies.


Adecco is an employment agency, and some of their jobs are home based. Possible virtual positions include customer service and sales jobs. It’s not easy to find work at home jobs by searching their site, but I did see some locations.

Depending on the job, you may be able to get benefits from Adecco after you’ve been placed in a position. Some positions are direct hire, using Adecco to find employees, and then I would expect the benefits to depend on the employer.


CyberCoders is a recruiting agency, and some of the positions can be done remotely. Benefits will depend on the company looking for employees, but many will have them available. The main focus of the site is on technology and IT, but there are also jobs in engineering, finance, and healthcare.

Companies With Multiple Work At Home Job Titles

You can’t put all companies into just one category with the kinds of jobs they offer. The possibilities are too broad. These companies offer a variety of remote jobs with benefits.


ADP (Automatic Data Processing, Inc.) offers a variety of jobs that can be done primarily from home. Many have location requirements and may require that you come into a local office at least once a week. Jobs that may allow you to work at home seem easy to find as the form allows you to select whether or not you work at a home office.

Many positions have to do with sales, instructional design, and project development. What’s available will vary tremendously, of course.

ADP offers a lot of perks, including medical insurance, life insurance, dental, 401(k), career development, tuition reimbursement and more.


While Amazon is best known to have virtual customer service positions, they have other virtual location jobs as well. They have positions in many countries around the world. Pay attention to any location information they give you even if it says the location is virtual, as some are not home based.

Amazon jobs can be very demanding, but the benefits can be good. Eligible employees can get medical benefits, a 401(k), parental leave and more. These can vary by location.


Dell is, of course, best known for its computers. It has a wide variety of remote jobs available as well. Some are field based, not home based, so if you don’t want to do field work, keep that in mind as you search their job listings.

Dell hires in many countries, and so benefits may vary. They generally include health and wellness, time off, and retirement plans.


Xerox has people who work at home in many areas, including customer care, tech support, data entry, quality control, software programming and more. Benefits include paid holidays, health care, retirement plans and more.

General Transcription Mini-Course: Transcription Foundations

Customer Service, Technical Support, And Sales

Customer service and sales job have been very popular with people who want to work at home. Employers can be very demanding about having no background noise audible on calls. On the other hand, many of these jobs are very flexible, which is why many work at home moms and dads seek them out. You might be surprised by how many offer remote jobs with benefits.

American Express

Most virtual positions at American Express are for customer service or travel counselor positions. They take calls 24/7 and may require you to have flexible availability. As of this writing, they don’t hire in California, Alaska or Hawaii.

Benefits for eligible employees may include health, dental and life coverage, paid family leave, 401(k), tuition reimbursement and more.


Most at home jobs with Apple are in the customer service and technical support area. They also hire team managers and area managers at home to supervise the at home advisors.

Even part time associate at Apple get benefits which include product discounts and paid time off.


Asurion hires customer service representatives to work at home, and pays a premium for bilingual employees. You also get paid extra for working evenings and weekends. Performance bonuses may also be available.

Benefits include medical and dental. Tuition reimbursement may be available.


Convergys hires customer service agents to work at home. Some positions require more sales or technical support knowledge, but all are expected to do basic customer service.

Benefits include medical, dental, vision, paid vacation, 401(k) and tuition reimbursement.

Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings includes Alamo, Enterprise, and National rent a car companies. They offer reservation sales and customer service positions that can be done from home. Pay attention to the location listed in work at home job listings – you will probably be required to live in that area to apply. Work authorization paperwork may need to be completed in person.

If you qualify for benefits, they may include medical, vision, and dental, life insurance, 401(k), flexible spending accounts, and more.


Sitel work at home customer service jobs include benefits for full time employees. Benefits may include medical, dental, 401(k), vacation, and discounts from partner companies. is best known for its technical support offerings, but not all of their remote jobs are in technical support. They also hire for positions such as web developers or data engineers that can be done remotely. Benefits may include medical, vision and dental, 401(k), and paid time off.


SYKES Home offers customer service work at home jobs with benefits, including vision, dental, and health. This may be good for entry level work at home job seekers, as they also list a customer service background as nice to have, but not required.

World Travel Holdings

If you want to sell cruise and resort vacations from home, this is the position for you. There may be occasional openings for a web developer or other positions as well. They offer health benefits and time off.


Many remote education jobs require a little travel to go see your students. Others may be done entirely online.  But when you want to teach, how nice is it if it’s also a remote job with benefits.

Connections Academy

Connections Academy runs online charter schools in many states. Benefits may be available to full time employees and may vary by state.


K12 runs online charter schools. They offer health, vision, and dental benefits, as well as a 401(k).

Western Governors University

WGU has positions for work from home instructors, evaluators and course mentors to work from home. There are some small benefits for part time employees, such as a 403(b) retirement savings plan and tuition discount. Further benefits, such as medical and dental, may be available to full time employees.


Many financial jobs can also be done from home. Not many are, so far, but there are a few companies that will let you do your job remotely.

Hires people for accounting positions. Benefits include medical, dental and vision, as well as vacations and 401(k).


Intuit offers work at home positions for customer service and tax support personnel. Bilingual positions are available. Some positions are seasonal, and may not offer benefits. Regular positions may also be available in human resources or marketing.

Health And Medical

You might be amazed by how many health and medical jobs can be done from home. It’s not just medical coding or medical transcription – telehealth positions allow some doctors and nurses to work at home as well. These medical remote jobs with benefits cover a wide range of possibilities, from medical coding to transcription to jobs for RNs, and more.


Acusis hires experienced medical coders and medical transcriptionists. Note that positions may require a Windows 8 computer, as some clients are not compatible with Windows 10. Benefits are available to full time employees.


Aetna offers quite a few work at home jobs in the health and medical fields. With a quick look, I found medical coding jobs, network manager, field case manager (significant time away from home), telephonic case manager, health coach consultant, medical director and more. Some positions will require that you visit client sites and may keep you in the field more than you are at home. Others are entirely at home. They make it easy to see if a job may offer a telework option by showing it off to the side when you search for jobs.

Aetna also hires application developers and web developers, and some of these positions may be done at home.

Most of their customer service positions are NOT work at home.

Benefits may vary by position and can include paid time off, life insurance, health coverage, dental, 401(k), tuition assistance, and more.

Altegra Health

Altegra Health hires various types of medical coders, and many positions are remote. They require at least two years of experience for many positions. Some positions may be seasonal or temporary, and so may not offer benefits.

Altegra Health offers medical, dental and vision plans, as well as a 401(k) to eligible employees.


Anthem has work at home positions available for RNs as well as positions in business development, data analysis and more. Some positions require that you work in the office for a time before being allowed to transition to remote work.

Anthem offers health benefits, retirement benefits, tuition reimbursement and more to eligible employees.


Carenet has work from home opportunities for RNs. Benefits include medical, dental and vision, as well as gym memberships and a 401(k).


Covance does clinical research, and some jobs can be done remotely. The availability of remote jobs varies significantly over time. If you want to be a part of this, you may need to keep an eye on their job listings. Career opportunities may be available around the world.

Benefits vary quite a bit by location, which is to be expected in a company that operates worldwide. They include health and wellness coverage, as well as matching eligible charitable donations.

HCA Healthcare

HCA runs various hospitals and surgery centers. Some jobs can be done from home, such as medical coding.

Benefits include medical, vision and dental, 401(k), and HCA has a partnership with Western Governors University to offer educational opportunities to affiliated employees.

Himagine Solutions

Himagine Solutions hires medical coders for a variety of specialties, such as inpatient, outpatient, HCC, emergency, and others. Positions typically require a RHIA, RHIT and /or CCS as well as at least three years of experience. Remote workers must have remote experience. Some positions may be full time and include benefits.


Humana makes it easy to find their work at home/virtual positions with a checkbox in their search form. Some positions require travel. There are a wide range of openings you can consider.

They offer medical, dental, vision, and supplemental health coverage, as well as a 401(k) and tuition assistance.


Lexicode is a medical coding service. It’s a part of Excela. To find remote positions, go to their careers page, and select the remote option for State and City.

They offer full time employees the usual health benefits, and also offer reimbursement for continuing education, and a 401(k).


Parexel offers various home based positions, mostly in the US and UK, but sometimes in other countries as well. These can include titles such as Medical Director, Clinical Operations Leader, Medical Writer, and more. Reviews posted on Indeed and Glassdoor say the benefits are good.


Most insurance remote jobs will require some field time, but others can be done completely from home.

Erie Insurance

While some jobs with the company can be done from home, many will involve fieldwork. A company car may be included if this is the case. Jobs that might have work at home options available include adjusters of various sorts and claims specialists. They say about 40% of their employees take advantage of flexible work and telecommuting arrangements.

Benefits include health, dental, and vision, wellness programs, adoption assistance, 401(k), life insurance, and identity theft protection.

Holmes Murphy

Hires workers compensation claims specialists for telecommuting positions in certain states. Benefits are not described clearly on their site but are offered.


Marketing is a great job to do from home, so long as you’re comfortable chatting with your coworkers online.

Acceleration Partners

This is a great company if you’re interested in helping companies with their affiliate marketing. You must live within driving distance of Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, or Santa Barbara/Los Angeles. Benefits including medical and dental, 401k, paid time off, tuition reimbursement and more may be available.

Internet, Software, And Technology

Many internet, software, and technology companies now offer remote jobs. It makes a lot of sense for them, as there are so many tools making it easier to collaborate with coworkers online, no matter where they are.


10up is a fully remote company that creates websites and tools for content creators. Their teams are distributed, able to work from their own home offices with flexible schedules. Benefits may include health, dental and life insurance, paid time off, professional development stipend, and 401(k).


Articulate is a company that develops ways to make training easier. The company is fully remote and gives employees a lot of flexibility in how they get their work done. Benefits include healthcare including medical, dental and vision, flexible paid time off, a 401(k), a wellness benefit, and supplemental insurance.


The folks that bring us great software such as WordPress also hires people to work remotely. You start out as a contract employee, but if you’re a match, it goes to full time.

Benefits include an open vacation policy, home office allowance, books and conferences, parental leave, health, vision, dental, and more.

Remote job titles with may include Inside Sales Representative, Customer Architect, Business Systems Software Developer and Customer Success Manager. Jobs may include benefits such as unlimited time off, medical and dental, and paid family leave.


GitHub is a place for companies to securely develop software. Remote positions for developers, technical support, and so forth may be available. Benefits include health, vision, dental, and family leave.

[email protected]

[email protected] offers customer support positions from home, as well as project management, designer positions, and other developer positions. Not all positions appear to offer benefits, but if they are available, may include 401(k), tuition reimbursement, and health and wellness programs.

Wombat Security Technologies

Hires software developers and possibly other positions to work at home. They offer a full benefits package.

Are There More Remote Jobs With Benefits?

Of course there are!

This is far from a comprehensive listing of remote jobs with benefits. Many companies don’t hire remote employees consistently enough for me to list them here. Others do, but their benefit offerings weren’t all that clear. Keep searching the listings on my remote job board for more places to look for work at home jobs.

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Important Factors You Should Consider In A Remote Job

Important Factors You Should Consider In A Remote Job

When you want to find a remote job, it’s easy to forget the other things you should consider. There are a lot of things that go into making a job the right match. The ability to work at home should not be the only thing you think about. Here are some other factors you should consider in a remote job.


How much do you need to earn from your job? You won’t want to stick with a job if it doesn’t pay enough for you to live on. There are times when you will need to accept a job at a lower salary than you would like, but for the long run, salary is important.

Employee or Contractor?

Many companies prefer to hire remote workers as independent contractors rather than employees. This has tax implications for you. Your employer does not withhold taxes if you are an independent contractor.


What kind of benefits does the company offer? If the job is part time, there may be few to none. A full time remote job, on the other hand, may offer benefits. You may be able to get health insurance, paid vacation, 401k and more. Some even offer gym memberships.

I have also seen companies offer remote workers a budget for renting a coworking space. This gives them a more professional space where they can interact with other people.

Do You Ever Go To The Office?

Not all remote jobs are done entirely away from the office. Some require you to go to the office in person. How often you go in varies quite a bit from employer to employer. Some will want to see you every week, while others may only need your presence once a year or so.

How Strict Are Work Hours?

Just because you have a remote job doesn’t mean you can choose your work hours. Many employers want their remote workers to work some standard hours. This makes collaboration easier. It’s very hard to plan meetings or discuss a project with coworkers if you all work your own hours.

How Do You Keep In Contact?

There are a lot of ways to keep in contact with remote workers. Slack is a popular option for keeping in contact. It allows teams to chat, share files, and more. Apps such as Dropbox and Trello are also popular choices. It helps if you are familiar with these.

Company Culture

You aren’t in the office, but company culture may still have an impact on you. Consider the number of hours you’re expected to work. What time of day are you required to work? Is this flexible or not? How much interaction will you have on a regular basis with coworkers? Will you work more as an individual or as part of a team?

Even when you’re remote, you will find that a small company is very different to work for than a huge one. Small companies may be more flexible, not just in the times they expect you to be available, but in considering new ideas. A bigger company, on the other hand, may offer more security.

Growth Opportunities

Just because you aren’t in an office doesn’t mean you aren’t interested in career growth. Find out what opportunities may be available to you. This includes job training, help with college tuition fees and professional certifications. Even if you don’t want to go into management someday, any help your employer gives to keep your skills up to date will be important.

Home Office Requirements

Depending on the kind of remote job you get, you may have to provide your own equipment. You will need a reasonably recent computer for most jobs. Your internet connection may need to be wired rather than wireless. If you are going to be on the phone a lot, they may require that you have an office with a door. You may need a noise cancelling telephone headset.

Some employers will give you a budget to buy equipment to suit their needs, while others may ship equipment to you, rather than depending on you to provide your own.

Work-Life Balance

One of the challenges many remote employees face is keeping a good work-life balance. It’s easy to spend too much time at work when your work is at home with you.

If a company expects a lot of on call time or overtime, it may be very difficult to maintain that work-life balance. Look for jobs that understand that when you close your home office door, your work day is over – unless you don’t mind the lack of balance.

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11 Companies That Offer Remote Medical Coding Jobs

Companies That Offer Remote Medical Coding Jobs

Remote medical coding is a popular choice for people who want to work at home. Once you’ve finished your online medical coding training, it’s time to start looking for a job. The hard part is finding companies that offer such jobs.

Most companies that have remote medical coding jobs require at least 2-3 years of experience. This means that no matter how well your training went, you probably won’t find a remote or online position right away.

This is actually a good thing, as experience teaches you things you won’t have learned in your training. Working in an office with more experienced people around you will help you gain the experience you need to do the job successfully at home. Some companies will even let you transition to a remote position once you’ve proven your accuracy.

Get the credentials needed for better medical coding positions as soon as you can. A CCS, CCP or other credential can open up opportunities to you.

Here are some companies that offer remote medical coding jobs. Most will require experience and are fairly strict about it.


Accentus is a part of Nuance Health, a company that offers healthcare IT solutions such as speech recognition and tools for more accurate medical coding. Accentus offers jobs in both Canada and the United States. Coders must have a CCS or CCS-P and/or CPC or CPC-H, RHIT and RHIA as well as 3-5 years of coding experience.


Acusis hires medical transcriptionists and medical coders. Each requires 3+ years of relevant experience. Medical coding positions require appropriate AHIMA or AAPC certifications. Most positions are home based, although some may be available in an office.

Altegra Health

Altegra Health hires for a variety of remote medical coding jobs. They typically require about three years of experience plus appropriate certification, but this may vary by position. Not all positions are home based.


Aviacode offers contract remote medical coding jobs. Applicants must have appropriate certification through either AAPC or AHIMA as well as at least two years of experience, depending on the positions.


Lexicode is now a part of Excela, a global provider of transaction processing solutions and enterprise information management. Some positions require only 1-2 years of coding experience. Appropriate certifications such as CPC, CCS and so forth are required.

HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare offers a range of work from home opportunities. It’s not just for medical coders. However, as that’s the focus here, note that they expect the usual credentials and at least two years experience for medical coding positions.


Himagine Solutions hires medical coders for a variety of specialties, such as inpatient, outpatient, HCC, emergency, and others. Positions typically require a RHIA, RHIT and /or CCS as well as at least three years of experience.


Humana hires various work at home health care professionals, including medical coders. Some positions may require limited travel. Medical coding jobs require a CPC, CCS, RHIA, or RHIT.

Maxim Health Information Services

Maxim helps many well known organizations fill medical coding positions. These positions may be long term, short term or permanent. Full time positions include benefits.


nThrive hires medical coders and clinical documentation improvement specialists for remote positions. These positions require certifications such as RHIA or RHIT or CCS, CCA or similar, and prefers certifications relevant to your specialty. Two years of recent, hands on medical coding experience is required.

United Health Group

United Health Group has a range of telecommuting positions available, not just medical coding. Optum is the part of the company that handles medical coding. Appropriate AHIMA or AAPC certifications are required, along with 3+ years of coding experience.

These are just some of the companies out there that hire people for remote medical coding jobs. You can find more listings on the Home With The Kids Online Job Board.

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Work At Home, Remote, Telecommute? Do They Mean The Same Thing?

When you want a job that you can do at home, there are several keywords you can consider to help you in your search. They can all be used to mean a job you do at home, but sometimes they mean something else. Let’s take a look at some of these terms. Most often they mean that you will be working at home, but other times may imply that you will be working elsewhere at least some of the time.

Work At Home

The classic search term for work at home jobs, yet one of the most dangerous. You can pretty much assume that a “work at home” job is to be done primarily at home, but some jobs will involve a bit of travel, probably local.

The danger with searching for “work at home” is that too many scams use it as a keyword. Lots of legitimate jobs use it as well, so don’t rule it out entirely. Be careful.

You will probably also say that you work at home if you run your own business from your home. Then again, you might be better off talking more about what your business has to offer, and less about where you work.


Telecommuting has been around for a long time. Telecommuting jobs aren’t always done entirely at home – they may require you to work in the office some days as well. This term isn’t as popular as it once was, but you will still see it around.

If you have a current employer and want to work at home, telecommuting is probably what you would suggest. You and your employer may both benefit from a telecommuting arrangement if your job is suitable.

Work From Home

“Work at home” and “work from home” are very similar, and are often identical. Sometimes the term “work from home” means you may not be at home as much. You might do some work at your home, then go to another site to do other parts of your job.

Home Based

Much like a work from home job, a home based job may mean that you use your home as a base from which you work, but you may work other places at certain times. Other times, it is simply a job you do from home.


A virtual job is generally done online, or at least at home. There’s an implication that the job is done over the internet, but virtual jobs can involve phone work as well.

You may be familiar with the term “virtual assistant,” but that’s far from the only job that is call “virtual.” Some companies are entirely virtual, which is wonderful when you want to work for them from home.

Not all jobs that say they’re virtual are done from home. There are virtual assistant companies where employees work in the company’s office and are virtual assistants for various clients. They aren’t at home at all. That’s an exception, but it happens.


Now here’s one of the tricky terms. Most of the time when I see a job listed as being remote, it’s a job you do at home. Other times it means you work at client sites, in another country, or in an office that isn’t the main office of the company. I’ve seen it used all those ways.

Read the job description carefully to ensure you know which way the potential employer means it. If it still isn’t clear, make your expectations known in your cover letter and clarify things during your interview if you get one.


An online job may be much like a virtual job, but not always. As a job searching keyword, it may find you some jobs, but it will often refer only to that the job is listed on an online job board.


A freelance or contract job means that you are self employed and working for someone else under a contract. While these jobs are often done at home, sometimes the contract will require that you work on site. A freelancer is responsible for paying his or her income taxes quarterly, as there’s no withholding by the employer.

Which Terms To Use When Looking For A Work At Home Job?

You can use just about any of these terms if you want to find a job you can do at home. Any of them will show up on job boards. With all job searches, even if you aren’t trying to work at home, be aware of the possibility of a scam. Pay close attention to any travel requirements as well. If you don’t want to travel at all, it’s a quick way to rule out many jobs.

Don’t use them as your only search term. What kind of a job are you qualified for? What do you want to do? Consider possible job titles and the skills you have to offer, and use them in combination with your preferred terms.

Don’t use “freelance” unless you are looking for that kind of work. There’s nothing wrong with freelance work, and a lot right with it, but it’s not what everyone wants to do.

It’s not uncommon for work at home jobs to consider you an independent contractor rather than an employee. Make sure you know which they consider you to be. You should read up on the legal differences between being an independent contractor and an employee. Be aware of the tax implications if you want to do freelance or contract work. It can really mess up your finances to be hit by a big tax bill when tax time comes around if you haven’t been paying quarterly.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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