The holidays are an expensive time of year, on the whole. All the food, presents and travel really add up. But if you can stock up for other parts of the year, it can be a great time to do so.


For example, even though I’m not hosting Thanksgiving in my home, I bought a turkey. How often do you have a chance to get meat at $0.39 a pound? And a lot of other foods that you can stock up on may go on great sales as well.

Much as turkey can get boring long before the whole bird is gone. I generally find a good range of ways to use it. It makes fair stir fry, especially spiced up with turmeric or other spices that really change up the flavor.

The hard part, of course, is that a lot of Thanksgiving dinner ingredients are fresh, and not so easily frozen. But you can find some things to stock up on to save a bit in the long run.