With the holidays approaching, I’m feeling more and more of that old conflict – work vs. family time. Sometimes it’s really hard to decide to take some time off.

This weekend, I chose the time off and it was fun. A few hours at Sea World, a few hours figuring out outdoor Christmas decorations. All in all, it was a fun day.

But as the obligations and events pile up, it gets hard to not wish for more work time. How do you balance family and holiday and work time when you work at home?

This is harder for people who work at home than for people who work outside the home, because our work is often not as well understood.

Sometimes the answer is to just take the time off. Time for family, including extended family, is important. One of the benefits of working at home is that you can do that when you want to.

But you can’t overdo it. Going so far as to neglect your home business isn’t a good plan. Finding a balance that works for the holiday season is important.

A lot of this depends on the kind of work you do at home. If you get a lot of holiday business or your workload otherwise increases during the holidays, you’re going to have to keep to a stricter schedule than you would if your workload decreases during the holidays.

Family time isn’t necessarily relaxing, nor are the holidays. But even when it’s draining, there’s something about taking time to enjoy the holidays with the people you care about that really helps in the long run.

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