It’s such a relief to have tax season done and over with. No, I didn’t procrastinate or anything, finished mine before the end of last month in fact, but it’s still nice knowing that I don’t have to worry them until June now.

So it’s definitely time to focus on maintaining a healthy home business. Grow, grow grow!

Of course, your goals may vary. You may be at the point you want your business or work at home job to be… just busy enough without taking all your family time away, and sufficient income. But odds are things won’t stay in that perfect balance forever if you don’t keep working at doing better.

And if you aren’t earning enough, the end of tax time means one less excuse. It’s time to get focused and figure out what you need to do to reach your goals.

Take a little time and brainstorm some ideas. Think about things you’ve considered doing but haven’t tried yet. Think about things you tried but quit working at too soon. Think of new ideas. Anything, just to get the creative juices flowing.

Then make plans to start implementing your ideas. Find a way to make at least a few of them happen.

Most ideas won’t produce right away, but hopefully you can think of a few things that will speed things up for you. Not earning enough can be one of the huge frustrations of running a home business or working at home in general.

There is one very simple way to potentially earn more, and not everyone will think of it right away. Ask for it!

If you have a work at home job that you’ve had for a while, see if a raise is possible.

If you sell a product or service, reassess your pricing. Could you do better by charging more?

If you’re an affiliate marketer, are there any products you’re selling really well? Contact the company and see about getting a special deal from them so you earn more per sale.

What about a spinoff of something you’re doing right now? A related site could be created to bring in a different niche, and yet be offering something similar to what you’re doing already. Think of ways to make what you’re doing now appeal to another group.

There’s no point in waiting to improve your income. Skip the excuses and find ways to acheive your goals this year. Success feels wonderful.

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