Are you ready?

I have a basic strategy for dealing with my taxes. I try to get them done early. If I’m getting a refund I can file and get my money fast. If I owe I can wait and file as late as possible.

If you aren’t using an online service yet to file your taxes I strongly recommend you give it a try. For pretty much anyone who is handling their own taxes, a service such as TurboTax is amazingly helpful. I’ve been e-filing for years and wouldn’t go back to doing paper forms for anything. Even got my father-in-law, a former banker, to go electronic a few years ago. He is the sort to check and double check everything, which he still does, but now he can get it done much more quickly.

I know you probably still have some time before you get all your forms, but now is not too soon to start thinking about filing taxes, especially if you have to gather paperwork from a home business.