Telecommuter Tax Fairness Act

Here’s one of those bills that has just been sitting in Congress too long that really needs to get passed…. hopefully without too much nonsense added to it.

The Telecommuter Tax Fairness Act prevents states from charging income tax on people who are telecommuting and living in a different state. These people already pay income tax in their home state, but states such as New York say that if the employer is within their state lines, the employee must pay them income tax too. This is clearly an unfair double taxation on telecommuters.

I have no idea how effective this website is, but you can go to Petition Online and sign a petition encouraging your representatives to pass this Act. It was introduced last May and is still just sitting there, so hopefully a little push will move things along. I have no idea how long these things normally take, but I would guess this is about average.

You can keep an eye on the progress of the Telecommuter Tax Fairness Act by visiting THOMAS, which is run by the Library of Congress. Great place to keep an eye on anything going through Congress or the Senate that you find interesting.

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