How Can You Quickly Test a Microniche?

The trouble with doing a lot of microniche marketing is figuring out which microniches are worth the trouble. You can do your keyword research and come up with some potential good ones, but how do you know they’re going to be worth spending the money and buying a domain?

The quickest, least expensive way I know of is to set up either a Squidoo lens or a Hubpage.

Either of these will let you use affiliate links, within moderation. I believe the Hubpages limit is about two affiliate links, and you need to provide quality content for each. Don’t just copy and paste product information for whatever you’re trying to sell.

People will argue about which of these is the better site, so use the one you’re most comfortable with. Or try setting up a few different products on each, and see what’s working for you.

Where Are the Microniches?

If you aren’t familiar with microniches, this all begs the question of what a microniche is.

A microniche is a very small niche. A single product can be a microniche.

A good place to find microniches is on merchant websites. Find products that are selling well, and create a sales page leading to the merchant’s site through your affiliate link. Amazon is a popular choice, but you can do this for any site you’re affiliated with. Just be sure that the product is popular enough that people are searching for it.

What Should I Say About the Microniche?

The most important thing about trying to sell in a microniche is that you still cannot just be doing the hard sell. Your pages need to be useful both to users and search engines. Be unique. Discuss how the product can be used. Get into the disadvantages. Point out useful resources.

But keep on topic. You should not be all over the place or getting into a lot of other products.

What If It Sells Well?

If your test goes well, find a solid, keyword based domain. Don’t use trademarked terms, as you can lose the domain easily to the trademark holder. Get as close as you can to searches that will be performed.

Write unique content for this site. Link to the product with your affiliate link. Avoid adding anything to the site that will distract from the goal of getting the visitor to go through your affiliate link and hopefully make a purchase.

Don’t write a lot of sales copy. The merchant’s site can handle that, if they’re any good at all.

Get moving. Christmas is coming.

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