Being a stay at home mom is hugely rewarding for many moms. While it’s not for everyone, when you love it, there’s no better job out there. But it can also be thankless and exhausting. All a part of the privilege of watching closely as your kids grow up.

One of the greatest challenges at times can be to just be proud of what you do. It can be tough when people assume that you’re uneducated or lazy because you stay at home instead of having a regular job. Many people will see only the “mom” side of you, not the woman with many interests who happens to be staying home with her kids.

Then there are the people who know or find out about your education or experience and tell you that you are wasting your knowledge. It can be hard for people who haven’t been stay at home moms to appreciate the skills needed. It really is different from being a work outside the home mom.

The example you set for your kids can be a challenge too. I work at home, but my 5 year old has declared that she just wants to be a mommy when she grows up. No other goals yet, she just wants to do what I do. Fortunately, she thinks a part of that is working on the computer, but it can still make me wince hearing it. Not that I don’t think it’s a worthy goal; more that I think she doesn’t yet understand how much more there is to it.

Organization is vital. If your kids know what is going to happen throughout the day, your life will be much, much easier. Sometimes doctor’s appointments and activities can really pile up. If you don’t keep careful track you can miss important appointments.

Decluttering is important too. Cut back on your junk and the excess toys children always seem to accumulate. In my experience, toys get treated better and used more if you don’t have an overwhelming number of them.

Having a support network is very important. It can also be very hard for a stay at home mom to maintain, especially if you have very few friends who are also stay at home moms. Fellow stay at home moms are a lot of fun, especially if their children are of a good age to play with your own.

You can make friends online too. With some searching you are sure to find a forum with people who have interests in common with you. There are active forums on just about any topic you may enjoy.

You should also make time for your own skills. It could be something as traditional as sewing or knitting, or it could be rock climbing, website designing and so forth. The trick is to do something that you enjoy and gives you an outlet.

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