There are a lot of ways you can build a website for your home business. Building one on your own isn’t a bad way to go if you have the know-how; goodness knows that’s how I’ve always managed it and I do pretty decently.

But that’s not for everyone, and there are disadvantages. I had to learn through hard work what makes a site tick. What brings in visitors. How to develop content, monetize and so forth.

The basic idea behind SBI is to help you get through all that. They offer the tools and step by step instructions so that you know what you need to do to build a site that has the best possible chance to attract visitors and sales.

Now they’ve added new features. SBI 2.0 allows you to take advantage of what you might consider to be Web 2.0 features. It allows your visitors to participate in your site. This was originally a separate purchase, but now it’s included in the regular SBI price.

Check out what SBI 2.0 has to offer. The ability for your visitors to create content for you is quite powerful. If you’ve been on the fence about building a site, now’s a great time to hop over and start working.