I am so glad we haven’t had to move these past two years. It hardly seems that long but I am so glad that I haven’t had to go through that stress again. Moving has to be one of my least favorite things to do, although whenever we can afford to buy our own home, I will move quite cheerfully.

When we moved into this house a bit over two years ago it was my first time using professional movers. I am so glad we did. This was just after Gage had had his surgery, and was our third move in about seven months. Yes, we moved twice while I was pregnant with him. Talk about stress.

We really should have made it easier on ourselves by the second time, but we didn’t. The third move we were just sick of calling on family members to help us, which is why we chose to hire movers that time.

But it might have been a bit less stressful if we had known about sitse such as www.homebulletin.net that help you find movers. Calling movers was really, really tedious, not something I wanted to deal with at the time (you try it with an infant recovering from surgery!). Their site has a simple form you can fill out to have movers call you. Very simple. They also have useful moving tips such as a moving checklist.

I know I’ll have to move again someday; I don’t intend to rent forever, after all, but I think I’m definitely sticking with professional movers. It was just such a stress saver.