Hey, have to see what they actually liked, right?

  1. Wooden train set
    We got the cheap version rather than paying a premium for the Thomas brand. Going out later to let the kids each pick a Thomas engine, since my son really wants one. We’re going to have to contact Amazon on it because the price dropped by about half of what we paid.
  2. Tonka dump truck
    We got it for a steal of $10 at Walmart on Black Friday. My husband went there without me since I loathe Black Friday shopping.
  3. Play-Doh® Super Craft Caddy
  4. Trouble
  5. Bath shaving set
    This was a fun one. My sister picked it up for me when she found it cheap in exchange for a tooth fairy doll one of her daughters had wanted that I found for her.
  6. Baby doll
  7. Tumble Tree Timbers
    Think Lincoln Logs, but cheaper.
  8. Tonka truck puzzle book
  9. Fairy puzzle book
  10. Bathrobe
  11. Dress
  12. Cinderella III
    This has definitely been a hit. 3 viewings already.
  13. Skirt & sweater

All in all, not a bad start, I think. It’s really interesting seeing what really caught their attention.

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