Halloween is coming soon. With it comes the advent of stores filled with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Didn’t those all come into the stores at different times in the past?

It’s a fun holiday for most families, one more for play than anything else. My family enjoys it tremendously, and I thought I would share some ideas for it.

  1. Figure out Halloween costumes. You can make them at home.
  2. Cut out bats from black construction paper. This very basic decoration was the main one my mother used for pretty much my entire childhood.
  3. Make homemade candy corn. I found a blog that even gives a vegan version for those who prefer it.
  4. Find pumpkins and plan a great jack o’ lantern. Last year I had my daughter draw a face on paper to show me how she wanted hers to look. She was only 4 at the time and not really capable of cutting out her own.
  5. Roast pumpkin seeds.
  6. Throw a Halloween party.
  7. Be prepared for younger children to be afraid of Halloween sometimes.
  8. Figure out what Halloween candy you want to hand out. My tactic is to think about what I want to cope with in case of leftovers. My kids are obsessed with Bottlecaps this year, so I’m looking for selections with those. But I won’t buy sooner than two weeks before, to minimize temptation while still having a good selection available. Then it gets hidden.
  9. Candles look great, but use with caution. The fake ones may be safer if you are worried about them being knocked over.
  10. Do you like to play jokes on Halloween? Start planning now. My mother always first offers the kids rocks, garlic, etc., then gives them the candy. She actually had one little girl disappointed that she wasn’t really giving the garlic out. But keep it all reasonably light hearted.
  11. Tootsie Pops wrapped in tissue and tied off with yarn make great ghosts. Add eyes with a black marker.
  12. Get some glow sticks or have the kids carry flashlights when trick or treating.
  13. Look for more Halloween craft ideas online.

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