With my daughter’s school starting next week, what to pack for her lunch is much on my mind – especially since she loathes peanut butter. Not much on lunch meats either, so I have to get creative. But I also like the idea of having a few things in there. So I thought today I would work up a list for that.

  1. Sliced carrots – great snack or part of a lunch, and she loves them.
  2. String cheese – a staple last year for her preschool snack.
  3. Pretzels – loves them. We get the large kind from Henry’s.
  4. Yogurt – I’m thinking this will be a great choice for her.
  5. Raisins – a wonderful sweet treat.
  6. Apple – she generally prefers whole to sliced.
  7. Cucumber sticks – another favorite.
  8. Bell pepper slices – she snacks quite well on these.
  9. Berries (in season) – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, if it’s in season and pretty cheap, they are wonderful snacks.
  10. Cashews – hoping these will work. She likes them well enough, but rarely chooses them for a snack.
  11. Applesauce – haven’t used this one often, but it’s very kid friendly.
  12. Kiwis – my kids are nuts for these. My daughter even likes the peels. Apparently they’re ok to eat.
  13. Cauliflower – she loves this, but only raw. Heaven help those who try to serve it to her cooked.

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