My son is 2-1/2, and really doesn’t understand about Halloween yet, which means he’s been refusing to talk costumes with me. So I’m going to have to figure out one for him, as once he sees other kids dressed up for it, he WILL want one.

  1. Puzzle pieces – Cut out and paint cardboard, attach to clothing.
  2. Race track – Black outfit painted with car lanes, toy cars attached.
  3. Construction worker – He loves construction equipment.
  4. Dog
  5. The color blue – A little subtle for his age, but it’s one I call a pigment of the imagination.
  6. King – He loves playing dressup with his sister and being the king.
  7. Fireman – Another little obsession of his.
  8. Bug of one sort or another.
  9. Painter – Just let him have some fun before trick or treat time, and the costume almost makes itself.
  10. Clown
  11. Computer geek – He loves computers already.
  12. Superman – His favorite superhero.
  13. Suggestions??

I generally make the kids’ costumes at home. My daughter is already on notice to finalize what she wants, which as of last night was Cinderella. I tried to talk her into “Cinderella in rags” because kids always want to do “Cinderella at the ball” and so she’d stand out more, but she doesn’t want that.

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