Thirteen Things about Stephanie Foster

1. Much to my surprise, getting along with one car has so far not been all that difficult. We’ve adapted well. Just takes more planning.

2. I help in my daughter’s preschool class three times a month. It’s required, but I love doing it. It’s a great way to see what they’re doing.

3. It took a long time today to get to the computer. Thursdays are when I borrow my huband’s car to take Ariel to gymnastics. Lots of running around, but at least she enjoys the class.

4. I am very fortunate in my in-laws. Don’t always see eye to eye, but they’re always there when we need them.

5. I often watch TV shows recorded on Media Center as I work. I’m watching yesterday’s Dr. Phil right now.

6. I just realized we need to get Gage’s 2 year old pictures done soon. We haven’t had many professional pictures done of him.

7. Yes, that’s right, Gage is turning 2 next week. So I’m also in the middle of trying to plan for his birthday party.

8. I’m cooking chicken for dinner tonight, the slow way. Comes out really, really tender and is one of my husband’s favorite recipes of mine.

9. Not all my recipes turn out all that well. Had a little mishap earlier with the bread machine I’ll be sharing shortly on another site of mine.

10. I love letting Ariel play on the other computer next to mine when Gage is napping. She has fun, I get work done.

11. Then again, the weather is just beautiful here today. Going to have to get those kids out into the backyard.

12. I’m a lousy housekeeper. ‘Nuff said.

13. I’m a chocoholic, but my husband and I agreed to cut some extras from the budget, and he insisted candy be mine. Whimper, whimper!

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