I haven’t been terribly productive these past few days lately. It’s one of the times of year that I kind of enjoy a lack of productivity. Preparing for Halloween around here is always fun.

The big distraction has been making my son’s costume. He wants to be a spider-monkey. The hyphen is deliberate, not a typo. He likes Ben 10, and I told him I couldn’t match the character, but I could do something with the idea. The costume will pretty much make him look like a spider with a tail, since I haven’t figured out any monkey ears yet, and the costume is in shades of blue, and not at all furry, save for the tail. But he loves the work I’ve done, and how the costume looks.

My daughters’ costumes are easier. Merely a little time consuming finding all the right accessories. Fairies are simple costumes to handle, even when they aren’t entirely off the shelf.

Now I just have the decorating, and of course all the activities for Halloween itself to get through. Good thing I enjoy this holiday, or that I’m not getting my usual work done would be driving me more crazy than it is.