Running a work at home business is serious. It can be anything from a slightly profitable hobby to a full time endeavor that keeps your family afloat. They can even be highly profitable.

But they’re rarely easy on anyone, not on you or your family. There’s a lot of work involved, potentially long hours, plus the financial risk. You really want to think about what you’re getting into first.

Starting Out

How to Research Online Home Business Opportunities
Paying attention to what you are getting into with a home business opportunity can make a big difference, not only in avoiding scams, but in how you enjoy the business.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Working at Home
It’s not only the opportunity that makes the difference. It’s how well you can work that matters.

Realistic Ways to Earn Money from Home
You really can earn money from home. Some ways are easier than others.

What Does “Find Your Passion” Really Mean?
You hear all the time that you should find your passion when starting a home business. What does that mean?

Starting a Home Business Without Piling Up Debt
There’s a big financial risk to starting some home businesses. Make sure you know how much you can handle.

5 Ways You’re Trying to Doom Your Home Based Business
We all make mistakes in starting a home business. Try to avoid these common mistakes that may ruin your home based business.

How Can You Tell If a Product Testimonial is Legitimate?
Fraudulent testimonials are a big problem when you’re looking for a good home business opportunity, reference or tool. Some tips to help you spot certain clues that a testimonial isn’t all that honest.

When Shouldn’t You Buy That Information Product?
More information on when to reconsider your purchase of an information product for your business.

Working at Home is Like Taking Candy from a Baby
It’s not as easy as you think, and there might be tears involved if you don’t get it right.

Work at Home Challenges

Maintaining Your Sanity as You Work at Home
There are days that you will feel like you’re just about going nuts working at home. Keep yourself sane.

What’s Hardest About Working at Home?
Managing your time well makes a big differences in the challenges you will face as you run your home business.

The Challenge of Working at Home
Guilt and the challenge of business make working at home tough for parents.

Planning for the Summer and Working at Home
Summer is a difficult time if you have kids out of school. They can make your regular routine vanish. Get your routine in order for summer.

How Much is Procrastination Costing You?
It’s easy to fall into the procrastination trap when you work at home. Have you considered the costs properly?

Home Business vs. Family and Friends

The Big Work at Home Talk
Before you get started you need to talk to your family about what it will mean to have you running a home business.

When Business Takes Over Family Time
Home business is not always kind to family. Don’t let it take away all your family time, but know when you need to make sacrifices

Working at Home Means Knowing When to Say “No”
Not everyone will respect that you are working when you have a home business. Say no to the things that will really interfere.

Goal Setting: Work No More Than Five or Six Days a Week
It’s easy to go overboard when you’re enthusiastic about your business and work more days every week than you should. Breaks are important for you and your family.

Help, My Kids Won’t Let Me Work!
Kids are one of the biggest challenges to productivity for work at home parents. What can you do about them?

Home Office

Claim Your Work at Home Space
You need a good space to run your business from, even if you don’t have an entire room to spare for a home office.

Decluttering Your Home Office
Home offices have a tendency to collect clutter. Clean them out regularly to improve your productivity.

Are You Overcomplicating Your Home Business Schedule?
Overthinking your schedule can slow you down rather than help you to be productive.

Marketing Your Home Business

Are You Using Promotional Items to Promote Your Business?
Online or offline, offering promotional products can bring attention to your home business.

Are You Using Hype or Honesty to Make Sales?
There’s a lot of hype when you look at how people sell home business opportunities. It’s not a good idea to follow that example.

Want to Improve Your Home Business? Master a New Business Skill
As your business grows, one of the most important things you can do to keep things moving is to master a new skill for it.

You Don’t Just Need Money to Make Money, You Need Knowledge to Make Money
They say it takes money to make money. Money helps, but running a good business from your home takes more. You have to know what you’re doing.

How Do You Use Twitter When Social Media Don’t Come Naturally to You?
Not everyone is a natural when it comes to social media. Does that mean you should leave it be?

Network Marketing

Are Your Network Marketing Efforts Taking You in the Right Direction?
People talk a lot about what works in direct sales and network marketing. Make sure you are keeping your efforts moving in the right direction.

Home Business Financial Issues

Why Keep Your Home Business Finances and Personal Finances Separate?
Keeping your personal and home business finances may seem like an unnecessary extra step. It’s all you anyhow, right? It can make a difference at tax time.

What Are the Financial Disadvantages of Self Employment?
People love to talk up the financial advantages of self employment. Have you considered the disadvantages as well?