30 Days of Keeping Kids Busy During the Summer

The child who can never find his or her shoes in the morning before school may still love a treasure hunt if you set one up. Trust me, I know.

The idea for this one came to me because we did a simple treasure hunt for both my son’s and my oldest daughter’s birthday parties this year. I bought some international coins, polished rocks, fossil shark teeth and other fun stuff on eBay, and made up baggies with these and some sand to hide them, then had the kids sift them out.

But for summer fun, I’m planning on setting it up with more of a challenge. The kids are actually going to have to follow instructions to find their treasure.

You can be brave and actually bury the treasure outside, and trust that your kids will dig in the right spot, but there’s some risk to that, especially if you have a garden you care for. It may be simpler to hide the treasure under a bush, up an age appropriate level in a tree, or even in the house.

If you’re clever, you might even incorporate a chore or two, with the understanding that chores have to be finished along the way. I’m trying to think up ways to sneak treasure into the dishwasher, for example. Maybe with the silverware. Under the couch or beds could work too, as those areas are often messy with kids around. Just make part of the deal that the chore must be complete, and maybe give a bonus if they’re done fast and well. Or just forget the chores and let the kids have fun finding treasure.

Treasure Hunt - Day 17 of 30 Days of Keeping Kids Busy During the Summer