I bought a turkey just before New Year’s because they were on a great sale – $5 for up to 16 lbs. Nice price for something that can provide a major ingredient to many meals.

Tonight it’s turkey soup because we’re getting to that point where that makes the most sense. Boiled the scraps and bones for hours today. It’s also good since we’re all still getting over that bug.

If you haven’t tried it, turkey soup is not that hard to make so long has you have the time to boil the bones and scraps for the broth. That takes a few hours but can be used for a wonderful variety of soups. This time I have enough meat left over to make just basic turkey soup but when there’s less I generally make a meatball soup.

Soups are nice because you can get pretty creative with the spices and the leftovers are often better than the original. Throw in a nice variety of vegetables at appropriate times, rice, barley or pasta, and you have a pretty nice meal.

Then there’s the fun of joking about slaving over the hot stove all day to make dinner. After all, I did start the broth in the morning! Just because I didn’t have to stand over it all the time doesn’t mean I can’t joke about it!

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