Understanding Work at Home Ads

Visit any work at home website, parenting site or classified site and you’re likely to see a lot of ads for work at home opportunities. You’re also likely to see a lot of hype and possibly flat out scams.

If you really understand work at home ads you can quickly decide which ones you want to click on, which are more hype than substance and which are written by people who really don’t understand their own business.

Understanding how a good work at home ad works can also help you to write your own. Once you know what makes people want to click on an ad versus what sounds scammy you improve your chances of success.

Hype is one of the most obvious things to avoid. I mistrust ads that are written in all capital letters (or even just the headline is in all caps), lots of exclamation points or that promise big returns for little to no effort. Does anything in life really work that way? An awful lot of work at home “opportunities” certainly try to convince you it can be just that easy. It isn’t.

Some scams are such classics that you can dismiss them offhand. Envelope stuffing is one such. Home crafting opportunities are very, very rarely legitimate.

Take a look at the claims made by the advertisement. If it sounds too good to be true be very cautious. There are some amazing yet legitimate opportunities out there, but still more scams.

A good work at home ad makes it clear what the ad is about. Personally, I loathe the mystery ads where you have no idea what the opportunity actually is. For me, that does not build trust.

A good work at home ad can get into the dream, easy going side of things a little bit, but not pretend that there’s no work to it at all. Working at home does present some advantages in terms of flexibility but that doesn’t mean it’s all soap operas and bonbons.

As always, when choosing a work at home opportunity, do your due diligence before signing up for anything. Understand what it will cost you, what you have to do to earn money, where the money comes from. If you’re advertising a business, you should understand what is acceptable under the FTC’s rules. Could save you a lot of trouble.

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