Lots of people have been trying to sue on this one. I know a lot of people believe there is a connection between vaccines and autism, no matter how many scientists insist otherwise. This lead finally to a look at the thimerosal in vaccines, and finally the sense to start taking it out. And now the courts are taking on the first case to see what the legal system comes up with.

I found some points in the article very interesting. Such as the point that children get more mercury from breastfeeding than from vaccines. I’d love to see some numbers on that one. Just seems amazing. That doesn’t mean to me that mercury in vaccines should be allowed, however. Why add more than necessary, especially all at once?

But I am inclined to doubt the connection. As I understand it, autism tends to become most evident at an age when vaccines are commonly given. But I also don’t understand why autism has become so much more common. Is it just a change in how it is diagnosed or is there something we need to worry about?

I really feel for parents with autistic children. At my daughter’s preschool they take some of the kids from the special class they have for autistic children and have them interact with the regular class. It teaches the autistic children how to cope with other people and is really good for the other children too. Much to my surprise, Ariel has really taken to this.

I don’t think her teachers expected this either. Some of the kids in her class were selected for a special program where they go to the autistic kids’ class after their class, just for a half hour. She wasn’t picked.

But these days the teachers who help the autistic children just adore Ariel. She has latched onto a couple of the autistic children and is great at getting them to play with her. It’s great for the ones who would otherwise just do nothing.

I’ve only met one of the moms once; the classes get out at different times. But I do wonder if they feel anything caused their child’s autism and what they would think of this.

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