Personally, NO!

Of course, I’m the kind of mom who still remembers how easy it is to please kids. I also enjoy expressing my creativity, and that means planning the party, baking and decorating the cake at home and so forth. But I will admit it’s not for everyone.

There are services such as Oogles N Googles that will plan children’s birthday parties for you. They have all kinds of themes to choose from. A fair number of locations too, although none in my state at all.
I will admit that Ariel would no doubt enjoy the Once Upon a Time theme, especially if she could get them to call her Rapunzel. Just a little obsession of hers right now.

My idea of planning activities for a birthday party means things like making sure the bubble machine has good batteries and plenty of solution. Trust me, at the age my kids are it works great. No party jump rental required, despite that so many parents get those now almost automatically.

There’s nothing wrong with having someone plan your child’s birthday certainly, but I don’t find it too hard to do myself. And on my budget that counts.