Who doesn’t want their home business to do better? It may be more income, more website visitors, more sales, more something, but most of us want more from our home business. The hard part is getting it.

If you want things to change, the key is to not keep doing everything the same way. You have to change something. You aren’t going to get different results for doing the same old thing.

It’s time to do something about it. Time to figure out which skill you need to master for your business that will help it to grow.

It may be as simple as learning to do keyword research better. I’ve been having a blast lately using Market Samurai for keyword research, and it does a lot more too. The keyword research tools alone are great, however. I’ve found some great new ones for some niches I’ve been in for a while. I have plans for them too…

Marketing skills are always a good choice for improvement. Just pick the type of marketing you wish you could do better and find out what you need to learn to do it. Where are the customers you’d like to get in front of, but haven’t reached yet? Figure out what might reach them and learn to do it.

Making videos has become very popular, but it’s a tough skill for many people to master. If you haven’t done a lot of video in the past, you’re likely to be rather self conscious about the whole matter (I know I am!). The one way to get past that feeling or at least learn to manage it is to start making videos. You may not feel like distributing your first efforts, but they’ll help you gain confidence.

Another area to focus on is that of customer or website visitor retention. Repeat business is wonderful stuff. How are you going to keep people coming back?

A blog or newsletter is the classic choice, but don’t neglect currently popular options such as setting up a Facebook page for your business. Maintain it, use it to communicate about special deals, and it may become a great resource for your business.

If you’re offering a product or service, maybe it’s time to add in something new to the mix. What more would your customers like you to offer them? Is it something you can manage? Would it make your current offerings even more appealing?

The point is to keep learning and testing to find out what works for you. Don’t just stick with your comfort zone, but don’t abandon it either. Add in new skills as you continue to use the old.