It’s something watching Gage sometimes. He’s just so observant. He has better fine motor control, near as I can tell, than his older sister did at age 3, yet he’s only 20 months old.

Right now he’s considering how to use the potty. We’re making what I would call good progress… a time or two a day for the past few days he’s been dragging me to the bathroom and insisting on having his diaper off while sitting on the potty. Nothing beyond that, but I can tell he’s trying.

It’s so much fun watching him try to puzzle it out. He isn’t quite sure how to make things work yet, but he knows he’s supposed to be doing something. And it isn’t always after someone else has used the bathroom. Most of the time it’s just out of the blue. I find that quite encouraging.

I’m thinking on how we got Ariel potty trained. She was really stubborn. We had to use jelly beans as a reward. Hopefully Gage will prove easier (although I hear boys are more difficult), but I know I won’t start offering a reward until he is actually doing something and seems to just need that last bit of encouragement.

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