Watching My Home Business Computer Die

I’m not the kind of person who upgrades her electronics all the time. I’m far more likely to use them until they’re unusable. And so I’ve recently been preparing for the demise of what has been my main home business computer.

This could be a serious problem if I weren’t prepared for the situation. As it is, I can think more on what I want from its successor. This wouldn’t be the case if I weren’t prepared for situations such as this.

It took me a while to realize that yes, my 5.5 year old computer is really going. Crashing more often. Requiring regular chkdsk scans. I did some digging and was able to see that yes, it has been throwing errors which usually indicate that the hard drive is going. Most days it can’t even open Task Manager anymore… and yes, I’ve done a variety of virus scans to make sure that it’s not just some nasty the computer has caught.

Now, you can replace a hard drive. It’s a lot of work, but certainly cheaper than a whole new computer. Only problem is that the sound card also seems to be going, which leaves me reluctant to trust that I won’t have to replace still more parts soon. I’ve replaced computer components before, although the hard drive would be the first of those for me.

This is the reason why I always keep backups of all my important data, both locally and with a trusted online provider. Making the switch to a new computer is always inconvenient, but at least I won’t be missing any data or need to recreate my browser profiles. That’s a huge deal.

You could say I have triple redundancy on my local backups. My business computer is backed up to my laptop, my husband’s computer and my external hard drive. But seeing as I know I’m not immune to natural disasters, I keep an online backup too. Companies such as Mozy and Livedrive offer online backup services so you don’t have to worry about a local natural disaster or a computer crash destroying all your files. Your files are safe elsewhere.

I don’t just back up business stuff, of course. Family photos are carefully backed up too. It’s all too easy to lose all your family photos if you aren’t careful. That’s the problem with digital photos. Good thing they’re so much easier to replace than printed photos if you take the time to store copies elsewhere.

I’ve already warned my husband. He can call it my Mother’s Day present. We’re going to visit family next weekend, and that puts us near Fry’s Electronics, my favorite electronics store. Really. That’s not a paid plug or anything. I just happen to really appreciate how well they’ve treated me with this computer when it needed warranty work. They aren’t my nearest computer shop, and I still want to go back there for the next one.

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7 Responses

  1. Anne Shaw says:

    Oh its really difficult to do so. But its the demand of your business to run in better way without any electronic hinderence. So you did.

  2. I always had a problem with backups and the thing is, I never really learn. LOL. I know I should make as many backups as possible but then again, even if I make backups on two computers, flash drives and external hard drives, I seem to fail to make copies of every file on every storage system I have. One file may be in two computers but I’ll forget to save one on my flash drive. LOL.

  3. It’s always hard replacing a home computer, especially as you’ve used it for so long. It’s good to see that it lasted for over 5 years though, you definitely made a good investment when you bought it. Hopefully the next machine you buy will last as long as that one did.

    As the blogger above said, make sure you keep up to date with backups!

  4. Never trust one system. This was very valuable to learn about these online backup services. With your examplary setup your data will survive any disaster. Some pro could learn from you.

  5. Jim Jenks says:

    I tend to use my products until they don’t run any longer with most of my stuff. But in this case, I think I would upgrade my work computer sooner than that, not because of the risk of losing data, but because of productivity and lower stress levels. I’ll spend the extra money to have something that is efficient and works. This is good info for the backups though thanks.

  6. Anita says:

    I’ve had computers die in the past, as I’m sure everyone has, but what drew me to comment here was your completely unpaid mention of your favourite electronics store. I have several stores like that too – that aren’t the closest or even the cheapest but have delivered me exceptional service – that I always keep going back to!

    I’m glad to see positive, completely unpaid word of mouth still exists on the internet; a medium that has fast become ‘paid review’ central.

    Anita. x

  7. Cathy Daniels says:

    For me I prefer to use laptop and back up my business files in an external hard disc, in this way it gives me a peace of mind when it comes to my files. Laptops are well-suited for business minded people where you can always carry it anywhere you go.