You just have to love watching a good show. And the PayPerPost Wedding certainly qualifies for that.

I love seeing what companies come up with to get the word out. It’s also fun getting procrastinating couples to go ahead and tie the knot in Vegas.

There are those who would accuse me of procrastinating marriage, but in reality my husband and I didn’t put off getting married, as we got married 7 months after becoming engaged. We put off dating. Only knew each other for 10-1/2 years before getting married, and only maybe 2 years of that was dating.

However, the couple I voted for didn’t really have that problem. And wouldn’t you like to know who I voted for??? Do you really think I’m going to tell you?

Oh. I guess you do.

I chose Jamey and Lauren, and apparently I was the second to pick them. Mike and Julie were appealing for the sheer geek appeal, but in the end I decided to vote Jamey and Lauren. Considering the lead Mike and Julie have, not to mention the lack of votes for Jamey and Lauren, and I’m really glad to have voted the way I did.

Well, I think I can assume I didn’t pick the winner, despite the number of days left, but that’s okay. It’s still a fun game to play. Good luck to all the couples and I hope they have a lot of fun with this.