I got a notification in the mail about 2 weeks ago, reminding me that my son is due for his 3 year checkup. This is the first time the doctor’s office has sent me this kind of a note, and I was fairly impressed that they are getting that organized in their new office.

doctor's office

But what can I say? It was too near to Christmas and I was too busy to call immediately. So I finally remembered to call them today.

The woman on the phone took a look at my son’s record and informed me that it was too soon for his checkup.

Say what?

Somehow she had decided that I meant I wanted one immediately, not at the end of February, when he’s actually due.

It took a bit of explaining that I meant for the appointment to be scheduled for when he’s due for it, not immediately. I guess habits can get you that way sometimes, since so often people call and want that appointment immediately.

But I would have been far more impressed if she had simply said “OK, I see he’s due at the end of next month. Let’s see what we have.”

Instead, she told me it was too soon, and nearly ended the call. Just one of those moments you wonder what the person was thinking.