What Changes Am I Making for the New Year?

What Changes Am I Making for the New Year?

I’m not really a New Year’s Resolution kind of person, but I do think over what I’m doing at this time of year, as well as at other times. Mostly it’s that December is a slow month for this site usually, as people are doing more shopping and less time looking for ways to earn money from home and so I spend more time reviewing things. By January I have a pretty good idea of changes I’d like to make.

Mostly, I had some notions already. I’m making a real effort to put more images into posts, so things are more Pinterest-friendly. I have a post in mind about how to do that as well.

I’m also working on posting more frequently and remembering to use social bookmarks more, here and elsewhere.

In other words, a lot of time consuming stuff, but very worthwhile. Takes a lot of planning to get enough done each day with three kids in the house – thank goodness they’re pretty good at playing together without me! That’s the secret, for those who keep asking me how I find the time to work with kids in the house. Once they can play without your immediate supervision, your available work at home time can go way, way up. Barring massive arguments, injuries, etc.

I’m also considering a weekend discussion post, which would be intended to discuss topics on parenting, working at home, and so forth. I need to generate some ideas for that one yet, so that I have a variety ready to go, as there won’t always be hot topics just begging for discussion in any particular week.

As with the past few years, I’m trying to talk myself into doing more with podcasting and/or video marketing. That’s a tough one, as I’m really camera shy, awkward about anything remotely resembling public speaking (and podcasting is close enough to that for me!), and kids playing together still mean too much background noise much of the time. It’s one of those things I really think I ought to try out, but can always come up with excuses not to. One of these days, I’ll break through that.

And as always, I look at how my marketing is going. It’s always tough figuring out what I should be focusing on. Social media is a help, but it’s not the only thing. I’m figuring that I should work more on getting some good guest posts out there – it’s just a matter of deciding where, and what sort of post would do best.

That’s how it is when you run a business, of course. There are always a million and one things you should be doing. The trick is picking what you can get done, what you should get done, and knowing when to leave the rest alone.

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