Technology has made many jobs more practical to allow people to do at home. Customer service is quite popular as long distance rates have dropped, it becomes easier for businesses to route calls as they please and VOIP becomes more practical.

Just as with any work at home job, expectations of employees and contractors are quite high. If you understand what is expected of you before you start looking for work you will be prepared to go through the steps to get hired.

The first challenge is simply finding that job. All work at home opportunities are quite prone to having a huge number of people applying for them. Be prepared for these things to take some time.

Use this time to make sure you will have a good place to work. Customer service jobs almost always require that you have a very quiet place to work. Many companies will fire you over the slightest noticeable background noise. Set up an office where you can have that all important quiet.

To help, buy a noise cancelling headset. You can buy these online or locally. The noise cancelling will help block those sounds you just can’t help but have in a house, but it probably won’t be enough to cope with screaming children and such. Some headsets just plug into your current phone while others are a complete phone on their own and can be plugged into an outlet.

Most companies will want you to use a corded, not cordless phone. This is very important in terms of protecting customer privacy.

Most companies also require either a DSL or cable internet connection. Dialup and satellite are often not acceptable. If either of those are your preference or all that is available you may be quite sharply limited in the jobs you can apply to.

Each company will have its own rules for how you set your hours. You may be able to set your schedule up a week at a time or there may be a different routine. Try to be realistic about when you can work since most companies consider adherence to your schedule extremely important.

Getting prepared while you search for a job will make it easier to get started once you land the job. If you already have the broadband internet, the only purchases you may need to make are the corded phone and headset. Once you have the job you’ll need to master keeping to your schedule without direct supervision as well as master other skills, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of working at home.

I offer what I hope is a pretty good list of customer service work at home opportunities on this site. I try to keep them scam free, but as always you should use caution when applying for work at home jobs.

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