What Work at Home Jobs Could You Start on Your Own?

One of the biggest fears people have about working at home is how easy it is to be scammed. Everywhere you look there are opportunities promising far too much. It’s a frustrating search for many people.

But for those who are willing to strike out on their own there are plenty of possibilities to consider.

One of the first things you want to keep in mind, however, is that going it on your own does not mean you won’t lose money. Starting a business means taking risks, and that goes beyond merely avoiding scams.

Start out by thinking of jobs you would like to do from home. Could your current experience translate into anything else?

Freelancing in your chosen field is one way to do it. Sometimes this is more of a work from home deal than work at home. You may have to go to client offices, after all, and sometimes it is simpler to do the work from there.

For example, website design can easily be done from home. You may have to spend some money buying whichever tools you like to use. Setting rates to match your skills and experience can be a challenge as well.

You’ll have to figure out how you’ll cope with finding clients, billing them, interacting with them, understanding their needs, creating contracts, coping with customers who don’t want to pay, who don’t want you to do the work they just asked you to do… the list goes on.

There will be similar for other kinds of freelancing. Graphic design, writing, editing, copywriting, programming, translation, accounting, virtual assistants… you get the idea.

There are more options than just freelancing. There are the more traditional work at home jobs such as running a daycare. This generally means long hours and hard work, but it can be quite rewarding, and a way to work at home without worrying about how your kids are going to interfere.

Other people focus on things they can make by hand. It’s not the easiest of fields, as it is very hard to stand out from everyone else, but some people do have success selling online and/or at craft fairs.

There’s also the option of going semi-independent. By this I mean things like affiliate marketing. If you stick with reliable companies such as Amazon, Google and Commission Junction, you’re rarely going to have a problem. But you will have to determine what your target market is, the products you want to offer and how you are going to get people to buy them.

Being an affiliate marketer has a lot of advantages. There are a lot of tools to make creating a website easier, you can choose whether or not to pay for pay per click search results, you can choose just about any topic and find a product to offer. It combines a lot of freedom with a lot of rules, depending on the merchant.

No matter what you decide to do from home, you’re going to have to do some research. You’re going to need to know if you need a business license, a reseller’s permit or any other formal paperwork. You’re going to have to learn to market your business and yourself. You’ll be dealing with potentially unfamiliar financial issues and taxes.

But you’ll also get to have a schedule you determine. It may not always be flexible, but that’s inherent in the job in many cases. If you can’t cope with the schedule, the job probably isn’t worth it. These are the kind of decisions you will have to make.

As for me, I love being independent in how I work. I love setting my own hours. I love knowing that if I really need some family time I can take it. Despite the many stresses of working from home, it’s one career move I’ll never regret.

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