When a Good Work at Home Job Goes Bad

A legitimate work at home job is a wonderful thing. They’re often very hard to find, worth holding onto. Sometimes, however, working conditions change and you have to think about whether or not it’s worth the trouble anymore.

It may be the availability of work hours. It may be a decrease in pay. It may be a change in policy or a difficult manager. But the time may come when you start to question if a particular job is worth the trouble anymore. You need to think things through a little.

Figure Out the Problems

It really helps to define what exactly the problem is. Many jobs have problems, whether you work outside the home or at home. Knowing what the problem is can sometimes lead to a solution, or at least a way to cope.

Talk to Coworkers

If it’s possible, get in contact with coworkers and see if it’s a common problem. They may have suggestions or otherwise be able to help. This may not be a good idea with some kinds of problems, so think before you bring up any issues. There can be problems with disclosing inappropriate information, particularly if discussed on a public forum.

Can Changes Be Made?

Once you know what the problem is, it’s time to see if anything can be done about it. You probably searched long and hard for this job; you don’t just want to give up on it unnecessarily.

Sometimes you can handle the problems on your own. Other times you’re going to need to talk with management at the company you’re working for and see if anything can be done about the issues you’re facing. Talking about it is the only way you’re going to find out if the company is willing to work with you on their side of the issue.

Sometimes the problem can’t be solved. Then you have to think about whether or not to continue on with that company.

Do You Have Another Work at Home Job?

Working for more than one company when you work at home isn’t that unusual. It helps you to deal with those times when not enough hours are available. If you have more than one job, and one goes bad, you may be able to drop the problem company and try to increase your hours elsewhere.

Can You Afford the Loss of Income?

If you really, really need the money, you may need to continue working at a job that is making you miserable until you can find something new. That’s true even in traditional jobs. Grimace and bear it until you can get something better. Look hard.

If the income is just extra to you, you could drop the job and then start job hunting. You’ll have a lot more time to search for that next job that’s out there for you.

Hopefully you won’t have trouble with your job too often. It’s a real bear looking for something new. But not all jobs are worth the trouble.

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