When Should You Spend Money to Work at Home?

It’s one of the first rules of looking for a work at home job: “don’t pay for a job.” But when should you consider spending money on your goal to work at home?

For Work at Home Jobs

If you’re definitely thinking in terms of a work at home job, the answer is not quite never. You do not pay for jobs. However, you can sometimes benefit from paying for resources that will help you to get a good job. This very rarely includes paying to join a job board, although one or two, such as Home Job Stop, have legitimate listings. But before you pay for such a board, do your research and see what current users think of it.

Another time is when you are looking to build specialized skills for a job, such as if you are interested in medical transcription. Some jobs you simply cannot get without paying for some training first. This adds on the challenge of finding a legitimate training program (there are scams in training too) to the challenge of not being scammed as you look for a work at home job. But this can be necessary to land certain jobs.

For Your Home Business

And of course you should expect to spend money on your home business. I think a lot of work at home moms find this one to be incredibly challenging. Odds are good that you’re on a tight budget, and the fear of being scammed doesn’t go away when you’re running your own business.

Appropriate spending, however, can help you to grow your business much faster. Some investment is needed to start most home businesses, for example. You may be buying the startup kit for a network marketing opportunity, or you may be buying a domain name and hosting for your website. But either way you’re spending money.

There are many more times when you’ll need to spend on your home business. Just starting up isn’t enough. You need to get the word out somehow, and that means advertising.

If you don’t mind waiting a bit for results, article marketing can work well. It’s highly time consuming and you need to produce quality article for it to really work, but it can drive quite a bit of traffic.

Similarly, marketing on forums can get your link out right away, but you have to do it right and it can take a lot of time to build up a reputation on a forum. You can’t just go dropping ads on a forum and expect it to work. On most the ads would just be deleted, and if not it will probably be buried under tons of other ads in a very short time. Participation, on the other hand, can bring in traffic interested in what you have to offer.

If you want to go a bit more quickly, paid advertising is probably your best bet. You can try pay per click marketing, although I really recommend you read up on how to do that well first. The learning curve is challenging, but you’re paying only for traffic to your site, which can be a good deal. Perry Marshall offers a good product to help you learn.

The key to spending on your home business is that you want to pay only for things that will either bring more sales in for you or help you to learn how to do it yourself in an efficient manner. Many of the ebooks you can buy that will help you learn how to market your business have information you can find elsewhere, but the research time will be tremendous. Spending some money can cut down that learning curve and allow you to improve your profits more quickly.

Knowing when to spend and when to just do it the free way can be challenging. Much depends on your personal goals and finances. Never risk more than you can afford to, but don’t try to build your business without risking nothing at all. Take a chance and see where it leads.

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2 Responses

  1. genny says:

    Some great things to think about!

  2. Great post. I just wanted to ad, that for my wife’s site paid advertising did not work quite effectively, simply because our site was not completely optimized when a customer came from paid ad. I.e. we would spend money to attract customer from one side, but he would leave without purchasing cause the site’s dynamics, landing pages, follow through processes, checkout pages etc were not done or completed the right user friendly way. So my advice, work on your site first, before wasting money on paid ads.