One of the challenges of being a work at home parent is setting your work hours. There’s a lot to balance when you have a family. You need to be there for them, but you may need to work more hours than can easily be had in the early morning or at night.

That’s not to say those aren’t appropriate work hours if you like them. I know I prefer to work at night, with the kids in bed and my husband off playing on his computer. I’ll sometimes take some time off to watch television with him, but mostly I try to be productive.

A lot of figuring out appropriate work hours is a matter of personal preference combined with family needs. If you love having your evenings open, you’re going to have to pick some other time to work.

But if you need to get a project DONE, you may have to add in some hours and lose some of the time you’d rather keep available for other purposes.

Working at home does often mean sacrificing some family time, and that’s a reality you have to deal with. It happens even if you don’t have clients and work entirely on a schedule of your own choosing. There will come times when you just really need to get something done on a tighter schedule than you might like.