Nope, not one of those families that gets all the Christmas/holiday decorations up right after Thanksgiving. I know a lot of people do, but that’s never quite worked for my family.

Deciding when can be a bit tricky when you have kids in the house. This year we’re pretty free about when to put the tree and other decorations up. Both of the kids are old enough to know and mostly follow the rules.

Next year we’ll have a baby somewhere in the vicinity of 10 months old. That changes things a lot. Anyone who has ever dealt with a mobile baby knows just how enticing bright lights and shiny things are.

Space is another consideration. Our living room is small. A Christmas tree is a big commitment of space for us.

It’s an interesting decision, and so much relates to how your family operates. I suspect we won’t get the tree up until maybe 2 weeks before Christmas. It’s a nice amount of time. We get to enjoy it but not suffer too long for all the crowding and loss of play space for the kids.

So I’m curious… how do you decide when decorations go up?