When Your Home Business Computer Crashes…

Just now I’m really glad my husband has a computer of his own. I’m glad of it all the time really, since it means that he can use a computer without interrupting my work. But when mine goes down, what a relief to have a spare available!

I’m thinking a power supply issue, which I’ve gone through before. Computers are the only thing I ever get an extended warranty on, and it has always been worth it on that one item. Just the kind of luck I have with computers, I guess, since it’s hardware issues that I keep having.

But here’s the key to keeping your business running when your computer crashes, beyond just having a spare computer:

Have a backup!

Seriously. Don’t procrastinate on this one.

I use a 500 Gig Maxtor OneTouch drive as a backup. Not perfect, and it has an awful lot of bad reviews on Amazon, but mine is about a year and a half old and hasn’t failed me yet. It has claimed to fail me many times, but an unplug combined with restarting the entire computer has fixed the problem every time so far. It runs backups every night automatically.

Yeah, one of these days I want a new one that won’t keep worrying me that way. But at least it’s keeping my files safely backed up for now.

This allowed me to get set up in a reasonable time on my husband’s computer. It’s not perfect, but at least I have access to all of my files, even if some of his setup is a bit off for me.

I still need to go to the next level of backup, which is a non-local backup. I know some people use all that amazing storage GMail has as a free way to back up their computers, but it’s probably smarter to find a good service that specializes in backups, so that you can get a regular backup program running for you. Much better than having to remember to do it on your own.

This means that your files can survive even more traumatic events than a mere computer crash. I’m in earthquake country, so it may one day pay to think about that next level of protection.

The hard part is that I haven’t installed some of the programs I use fairly regularly on this computer, so I am a little limited. But it’s nice to not be at a complete loss for how to get back to work.

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2 Responses

  1. It’s easy to get complacent and think it won’t happen to me – but it usually does eventually!
    I was caught last Christmas and I thought I was OK because I’d backed up all my important stuff on CD’s.
    Think again, most of the data was corrupted and unusable – don’t rely on CD-RW or DVD-RW for backing up important stuff!

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