Where’s My Magic Success Button?

Been getting a lot of product launch emails of late, promising big commissions easily. You know, the usual. I’m just a bit cranky today and they’re annoying me a bit more than usual.

You see, despite the claims that it’s going to be easy to earn with these programs, it won’t be.

The thing these people have, and are often trying to add to with their product launches is a big list. That’s people they can sell to from brand new sites.

Most of these products won’t tell you anything that dozens of other products can tell you already. If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for much time at all, you probably already have ebooks with the same information. You aren’t likely to find anything new. Just rehashed information that might have been new five or so years ago.

Don’t get me started on the “But wait!” popups. Two, three, four… let me leave the site! No means no. I kind of get doing that once, but over and over is obnoxious. Must work, I see it so often, but still… obnoxious.

Want My Magic Success Button?

I have a magic success button. It doesn’t work fast, and the magic is really picky. You have to hit it just right.

It’s called hard work. It’s called research. It’s called keep trying. It’s also called patience.

It’s also called unsubscribe from the lists that do nothing but promote the latest products to you with no regard for quality. Either that or sort them into a file for reference if you need to write your own sales letters. You can get some great ideas from other people’s sales letters.

Don’t waste your time buying too many new products. Buy information when you need it, and act on it. I mean that. Act on it!

If you don’t take action, that information never does you any good at all. You’ve wasted money and the time you spent reading the ebook, if you even got so far as to read it.

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