When you work at home the hard part isn’t just finding the time to work. It’s figuring out what your priorities are at a given time. Figuring out what to do can be such a huge time waster.

I’ve gotten pretty good at managing my work time. I check my email once a day unless I have a specific reason to check it more often. That one drives family members nuts since they tend to email me later in the day than I’m paying any attention to my email. But if it’s all that important, they can always call me!

I have my stats addiction under pretty good control too. No more than once daily for traffic, once weekly for most sales stats unless I’m tracking something specific.

So with all the junk out of the way, it’s often still hard to figure out what my priority is. Blog posting? EBook writing? Finding new affiliate products to promote? Article writing? Website updates?

There’s always plenty to do!

I have a basic priority list combined with a schedule for the month. Blog posting is often, but not always a priority. There are certain days I focus on article writing. And times that I leave it up to whimsy. What’s working at home if you can’t relax and do a bit of what you want?

I’ve found that the more organized I keep these things, the better I do overall in terms of production. It’s so hard many days to find enough time to work on my business that I can’t afford to waste time on figuring out what I should be doing.