Why Aren't You Making Your Millions from Home Yet?

The ads just make it sound so easy to get rich from home. You see them on television, hear them on the radio, and all over the place online. It seems like all these people are making big money from home.

Know what? Some of them are. But far more are not.

The reason for this is pretty simple. Earning money from home is not nearly so easy as some would like you to think. On the other hand, it can be quite fun, even as you work hard at it.

Having fun is, I think, key. If you aren’t enjoying the experience of working at home you are not likely to have the motivation to keep it up when you get frustrated. And most people do get frustrated sometimes.

Choose the Right Opportunity

There are a lot more ways you can work at home than there used to be. The Internet really opened things up. It’s not about selling to your family and friends and anyone who will let you get 3 words out. You can still sell to them, but your options have greatly expanded.

You can work with products related to just about any interest. Rather than having to open a knitting store because that’s what you love, you can start a website all about knitting, making friends and recommending products and earning commissions.

You can do likewise with rock climbing, your favorite reading material, or many other hobbies and interests. If you love doing something, you can earn from it.

All this does not mean you have to work online. But you can, and the financial risks are often lower.

But just as with any other business, you are risking your free time. A big part of why you need to choose the right opportunity is because you need to love it. You need to love it so much that it hardly matters that you’re spending a ton of time on it, getting frustrated with poor earnings, and having to learn a bunch of new marketing skills to succeed.

Be Realistic

If you aren’t realistic about what will and will not work for you, your business may be quick to get into trouble. This includes recognizing when a business offer is too good to be true as well as when it is just not suited to your skills and interests.

But at the same time you need to dream. You need to aspire to success.

Be realistic about what your business needs in order for it to succeed. This includes time and money. It includes how you and your family will cope as your business struggles to take off.

Success Is Not Guaranteed

Just as with any other business, there is no home business that can guarantee that you will get rich, or even make a living off of it. This is a fact you have to be aware of, yet not care too much about. If you stress too much about whether or not you will succeed, you can distract yourself from doing the work that needs doing.

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  1. Maura says:

    Great tips. I agree that working at home can be fun and being home is what keeps me going everyday.