Yet another mother has been harrassed for breastfeeding in a place someone else felt was inappropriate. In this case it was on an airplane. A flight attendant made her get off the plane because she refused to cover up with a blanket.

Now, the woman insists she was being discreet. Next to last row, window seat. Not that the people behind her would have been able to see anything anyhow without some effort. You know how tall airline seats are and how narrow the gap between them

Clearly that flight attendant had no clue about babies. Breastfeeding a baby on a plane that is just about to take off isn’t just about feeding the baby. It’s about making takeoff comfortable so that baby doesn’t cry for the entire flight, making everyone, flight attendants included, utterly miserable.

I’ve nursed both my kids on an airplane when we flew and they were that young. It worked brilliantly. I’ve seen the relief on my fellow passengers faces as my children have nursed, then slept or played throughout the flight. I’ve gotten complements on how well behaved they were.

There are so many good reasons to breastfeed your baby. Being discreet is a courtesy I like seeing breastfeeding mothers extend, but there is nothing in most states that says they have to. Certainly there’s nothing disruptive enough about it to excuse having them removed from an airplane.

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