I had one of those headdesk moments the other day. I had decided to write a quick post on one of my sites, so I just logged into WordPress, hit New Post and started typing. Had a couple tabs open for research, all the usual stuff. Started writing.

Then I tried to hit the back button on one of my tabs. I say tried because I was working on my Mac, and the back button is riiiight beneath the button to close the window. Yep. I hit that instead. My work went poof. Not even a draft saved. If I had clicked “Save Draft” early on, I would have been in better shape, as WordPress has autosave too, but this time it didn’t. It only saves every two minutes, and I guess I made that mistake just a little too soon.

Fortunately, I wasn’t very far along, so it was more annoying than anything. Even so, it reminded me why I usually type things up using the Document creator in Google Drive. That thing is always hitting “Save” on its own. Computer crash, power outage, clumsy me hitting the wrong button, it doesn’t matter. Every time I start typing, it starts saving.

Yes, I have lost a bit of information here and there, but not that often, especially as right now it saves things really often. It’s also nice that I can get at my files from any computer, and choose whether or not a particular file will be shared or completely private. And of course, it’s free.

Of course, there are disadvantages. The biggest is probably that you never know if Google will take away a particular offering eventually, and it’s a pain when that happens with a tool you use regularly. At this point, I’m willing to live with that, as I can easily export my files to my computer if needed. Besides, once I’m done with things, I already move them over to a local computer for long term storage anyhow. Keeps my online stuff from getting too cluttered.

Of course, I don’t make that mistake very often, but when I do, it’s at least a little frustrating. I like taking the frustration out of my day when I can, and that’s why I type so much in Google Drive. It has been the least frustrating alternative when I write posts.