Yes folks, I’m joining the crowd and adding the new BlogRush widget to this blog. I already have it on my Aspects of Home Business blog, and I decided it was time already to put it here, just to see how it performs.

This is the latest brainchild of John Reese. The idea is that for every exposure your blog gives, you get exposure on other blogs. Plus you get exposures due to your downline.

No guarantee that anyone will click anything, of course, and the widget is JavaScript, so it’s not about search engines. But the widget is quite plainly visible in the sidebar, so hopefully people will find interesting blogs through these.

One of the really great parts is that you can add keyword and URL keyword filters to keep out blogs and topics you do not want on your site. Combine that with your choice of category, and this could be pretty good.

Blogs also go through automatic and human reviews, so they should be able to do a fair job of keeping splogs out.

I’m looking forward to seeing how BlogRush works. How about you? Are you joining or no? Do you foresee any problems for it?

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