I was listening to them talking on the news last night about a potential shortage of toys this Christmas. With all the recent recalls it seems that toys will be going through extra safety checks. This means retailers will probably sell out of popular toys before December.

To me this seems like a good time to talk to kids about expectations. I know there are hugely popular toys that come out every year. Many go for ridiculous prices on eBay when the supply available in stores is insufficient.

My kids haven’t done that to me yet. My daughter is just starting the phase of wanting every toy she sees on a television commercial. So far I just tell her we can put it on her Christmas wish list and to remember that she will not get every single things she asks for.

I’ve never understood why people spend so much for toys on eBay just because they can’t buy them locally in time. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve often thought that explaining that the toy will have to wait could teach a child patience. Is it really so bad for the child to not own the toy Christmas day?

If this toy shortage comes through, I would suggest that parents take some time to think about how many toys kids get for Christmas anyhow. I know we have to do toy cleanouts regularly, with old ones going to charity, just because my kids have so many. We don’t buy that many, but by the time you get through all the gifts from relatives and friends, it comes out to quite a stack.

A toy shortage does not have to be disasterous or ruin your child’s Christmas. I think if parents talk to their kids and keep expectations appropriate this can be a great chance for kids to learn what really matters in life and at Christmas.

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