Work at Home For Nordstrom – Customer Care

work at home job leadsNordstrom is currently seeking work at home customer care specialists (edit: no longer active) in Florida. You must have at least 6 months experience in retail. This job is to help handle customer demand through the holidays.

There is an online training class and skills assessments before work begins.

Your schedule is set, but may require flexibility or overtime depending on business needs. This may be especially important during peak hours or severe weather. You will be expected to handle a fast paced environment to meet customer needs.

While the job listing doesn’t say so, you can assume that you will need a quiet work space and a headset. Noise cancelling is probably best to minimize any background noise you just can’t avoid. This job involves work over the telephone.

You will need to handle any technical difficulties you have on your own.

This is one of many work at home customer service jobs listed on the Home With the Kids Online Job Board. Even when this particular job is full, you can search there for other opportunities which you might qualify for.

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