Work At Home Job Leads For 2-22-2017

New work at home job leads have been added to the Home With the Kids Online Job Board. Here are the categories and a sampling of the job titles you may find available there.


IQ Workforce is seeking a Manager of Data Science to work on analytical project assignments and lead a team of data scientists.

General Transcription

Sports Transcriptionist for VIA Captions. They want people willing to work overnight as sports transcriptionists. Set your own schedule and get paid by the number of audio minutes you transcribe.

Health Care and Nursing Jobs

LiveOps is looking for a Healthcare Resource Specialist II to provide frontline services for a program designed to help people taking an anti-inflammatory drug get the most out of their treatment.

Medical Coding

Various companies are seeking remote medical coders. See individual job listings for experience and skill requirements.


Wonder is looking for online researchers who can give detailed answers and resources to clients.

Social Media

There San Diego is looking for a contract social media manager and a freelance blog & social media contributor.

Tech Support is looking for a Remote Services Technician dealing with home network setup and repair.

Technical Writer

Procom is looking for a Digital Technical Writer for a 6 months contract who is familiar with video content creation.

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2 Responses

  1. Shawn Paul says:

    I want to be a technical support just want to work from home only is there any suggestion form this website owner or author, because I already was an operator on Ossara Santa Clara, and yes that related products was interesting I got How To Make Money Online! and will read tonight! lets see how valuable content I will get from your site! thanks Stephanie Foster!!

  2. Just keep looking at the jobs posted here and elsewhere. Having experience in the job you want is a huge help. If you find you aren’t qualified for a lot of the jobs you would like to have, start looking into what it will take to get those qualifications.