Working at Home When Your Kids Don't Want You to Work

This is one of those topics I deal with quite a bit. It doesn’t matter how many tactics you have for keeping your kids busy when you work at home, there are just days when they don’t want you to work, they want you to pay attention to them. What can you do?

Maybe it’s time for a reassessment. Are you spending enough time on your kids? Working at home has a way of taking up all the time you are willing to give it and then some. It’s very easy for it to get out of control.

Take a look at what you’re having your kids do while you’re working. Are they getting bored with the routine? Maybe the special toys just don’t seem special to them anymore and it’s time to rotate them.

Talk to your kids. Find out why they don’t want you to work. Talk to them about what you’re doing and why. You might even find a way to get them involved.

I got to thinking on this topic because my 4 year old daughter has been getting upset with me for working so much lately. We talked and I made a little more special time for her. I think the main problem wasn’t so much that I worked too much as it was jealousy of her younger brother. At 15 months old he always wants something, and telling him no rarely works well. He’s hard to distract once he gets an idea.

Talking really helped. So does calling her over just out of the blue for a hug. Those are generally enthusiastically granted.

In the years I’ve spent working at home I’ve found that changing tactics is often necessary when it comes to keeping the kids busy. You need to keep up with their changing interests and make things interesting to them.

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