Working on My Twitter Habits

I’ll admit that I’m not the most consistent of Twitter users. Some days it’s hard to think of things to say in so few characters. Tweeting blog posts from this site is easy. Saying more isn’t always so easy. I’ve never been a chatterbox and probably self censor too much at times.

Which is probably better than too little. There are some things about me and my life you really don’t need to know.

I’ve been focusing on tweeting a little more often about what I read online now, at least when it gets my attention a little better than average. And especially if the post drives me to comment. If it’s good enough to make me want to say something back, why not tweet it too?

Tweeting something I’ve commented on does more than promote the blog post. It also means that more people might read my comment and follow through to my site. At least that’s one theory I’m going on. I try to keep from posting nonsense, as I’d rather be a real part of the conversation and not the one who comments just for the link. Even though I like the links, follow or nofollow.

Of course, tweeting an article to my followers means that I’m exposing it to people who already read my stuff. But there’s always the chance for a retweet. If not, hopefully people kind of enjoy what I’m finding.

I do post bits about my day, naturally. Such as yesterday when I had a bee land on my hand. Sometimes getting the blood really flowing in the morning doesn’t take caffeine. Or the occasional tip I think of that can be expressed in so few characters.

Using Twitter properly doesn’t include being too self promotional, no matter how the talk of tweeting my posts and other people’s posts I’ve commented on may sound. There’s a balance between promoting my business and being someone worth following.

One thing I’ve done is to separate my business tweeting from my “me” tweeting. Having more than one account means that followers have more of a feel for what they’re getting into.

On any account, of course, I’ll engage with people who talk back to me if I catch it soon enough. With three kids, sometimes I’ll tweet and then be away from the computer for hours. Replying to someone that late just feels awkward. Kind of like bringing up a conversation that you dropped hours ago in real life. It works with some people but you have to know them really well. Most of my Twitter followers I don’t know that well.

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  1. I feel the same way about Twitter. In a way it’s easier to tweet for clients, because then it’s all business.